Ashlee Rose is deaf, and she was inspired to create this business of hers to help the community. She was a teacher’s aide for seven years at a deaf preschool. She was inspired to create this business by them and her daughter. She learned..The village. It takes the village. We all help each other. We all learn from each other as we go. We spread awarenesses as we go as well. We need more positivity. She was inspired to expand the website to educate on disabilities. She was in a serious bicycle accident almost two years ago, her injuries were spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury. She is still recovering, the hospital facility, rehab team, and doctors says its a miracle that she’s walking!

She was born deaf, grew up oral and learned sign language in college. She had her first cochlear implant in highschool and then this year, she recieved a second cochlear implant to work on a path on MRI SAFE for the future. She has been a single mother to her hearing daughter since she was a year old and she now is a teenager! TIME FLIES! They are very close especially with their family and community.

LOTS of NEW collections are coming out SOON! I am so excited to reveal the surprises. STAY TUNED!

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